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If you, you do not have faith, a vision, but you feel it so you would like to make something for your folk, you will find it here if you want to belong to a good little team if you desire a real intellectual adventure. You may belong to us through the internet.

Book an own sheet, and we string your sheets if we regard your work as valuable. You may recognise the nature of the energy, the light logically finally here, and it, that what in fact the substance, you are the human soul.

You may find out our concealed history, our plundered reality. That see!! You, who you read all this on your mother tongue : you are Hun. Black or white Hun. A glorious ancient folk's child.

Be confident about your future because you have roots. Strong. IMPORTANT, BECAUSE THESE LAST ONLY YOUR HUMANITY! These roots lead to very deep one the time onto bottomless deep one's. Because the universe is his real essence: THE TIME




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