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The Arvisura is an significant literary composition many thousands of years (432000) the ancient history of the Magyar (Hungarians - Huns) people.
Magyar old history writing by Táltos (Knowledge Keeper, Scientist, Shaman) they call Arvisura. Record goes back to 432000 years in Earth history. It contains the guarded literary works and traditional customs of the shamans (Táltosok) of the 24 Hun confederated tribes.

The Táltos-Shaman how write this book was Paal Zsolt.
From a working class family in Ozd city in Hungary, he lived the daily life of an Ozd steelworker toward the end of the War. He was a very ordinary man. Hungary in December, 1944, when the Soviet front reached the region near Ózd city, he meet "accidently" with Szalavare Tura.
Szalaváré Tura was a Manysi-national Soviet soldier, but also Hun Táltos. Grandfather Szalavare was the head shaman, he teach him all those Táltos knowledge. He has a vision before a war and in the war about Zoltan, so in short time he initiated him with a secret knowledge (like Akasha) and One God (Jó Isten) blessing.
Soon after Tura died in combat.

Paal Zoltan first has a hard time to understanding what he except, because he never was teach by shaman, but look like he was in before life also Taltos.
(Note see incarnations) So those knowledge come back quickly. He really was before an ordinary man. In the End he write down 40 years the ancient history of the Magyar's. Arvisura record goes back to 432000 years in Earth history. Hun Magyar tribe also was Origin Christians from over 6050 years learning of Love for all leaving beans. Recording 6 destroys and 6 new creations of our Earth.
Fanny ancient Magyars they do not looking for life in Universe, they already knows in our Galaxy has a 800.000.000 (yes 800 million) living planet and some civilization 1-2 million years before as. Look like they know all difference of livings bean and the spirits of our Universe.

Magyar Light Temple believe not was honour of fire like the dummies tell you. They honour the one God symbolically here our system a Sun, actually they honour the one piece of Light Quantum what keep up our all Sun system. If you understand that you will understand the Universe Secrets!

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Note: incarnations yes the origin Bible has this teaching, but they cut out! So lets see what the God has to say for Them.

Complete Jewish Bible Revelation 22

18  I warn everyone hearing the words of the prophecy in this book that if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues written in this book.

  19  And if anyone takes anything away from the words in the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the Tree of Life and the holy city, as described in this book.

So of course the Dummies not understand a Stamp of Akasha, because they do not understand how from the One come everything with Time reflections. How ever rich the Akasha can see is a multidimensional record stamp. Mean any molecules timestamp you can change the view, like you move a camera any place. How cool is that! The record is Timeless, and only End when end the Universe, but a knowledge steel will live in the Creators. So like lying there not options! 

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